Tuesday, August 11, 2015


Limited edition sculptural hair pin and print set designed by artist Heather Gabel and crafted by Hvnter Gvtherer.  Each hair pin is hammered by hand out of raw copper and powder coated with a mottled grey and metallic stone finish. Print is black ink on grey paper and packaged in a black envelope.

All raw materials and final product made in USA. Variations and imperfections are intentional. No two are alike. Made to Order.

A nod to the ancient Egyptian Goddess of joy, love, and motherhood, the Hathor head piece features a sun disc between two cow horns. Hathor served as a "Mistress to the West" and is depicted in tomb paintings welcoming the dead into the next life.

Our Ra hairpiece honors the ancient Egyptian God of the sun. Ruler of the sky, earth and underworld, the creator of all forms of life, he is said to have summoned all creatures into being by speaking to them each in their secret names.

Conceptually, infinity is an abstract idea of something limitless. Our Infinity head piece is inspired by the endless cycle of life, death, rebirth.

Our fascination with serpents is as old as time itself. A symbol of rebirth and renewal, shedding it's skin and emerging anew. As the serpent was first depicted as the ourobouros in Tutankhamen's tomb it has become a timeless symbol of resurrection.

Photo: FotobyMateo / Model: Heather Gabel / Hair: Christopher Dorian
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