Monday, February 9, 2015

Walter Crow X Victor J Webster | Men's Russian Prison Tattoo Inspired Jewellery

Walter Crow’s first collection of rings ‘Initiation’, designed in collaboration with tattooist Victor J Webster, draws inspiration from Russian prison tattoos.

The collection is a researched exploration of the complex system of symbols that were tattooed within the early Russian prison system.

Each ring carries its own story and has been crafted using oxidised sterling silver and either black onyx or black diamonds.

Auckland based tattooist Webster said, "Designing for Walter Crow was a fascinating experience that allowed me to explore different avenues of body adornment. As an artist it pushed me to experiment with familiar themes using a completely new medium."

This is the first collection from New Zealand based Walter Crow whose work tells the story of an imaginary traveller’s adventures around the world.

Brand co-founder Andrew Slane explains, “We set out to craft bold jewellery for the unconventional individual. Unique pieces with meaning that hold a fragment of the Walter Crow tale.”

The range is available now to view and order at