Sunday, November 16, 2014

Velvit : Part II of YIN | Sights + Sounds

Part II of YIN | Sights + Sounds

Velvit presents the SIGHTS component of YIN, an exclusive exhibit entitled Bosch Vitus by Jas Helena

"My series ''Bosh Vitus'' plays on the idea behind the ''Ying and Yang' concept that was presented to me prior to creating these pieces. I found myself naturally gravitating towards heaven and hell to be the most perfect way to compose this theme, all my images Play on the idea of both heaven and hell morphed as one using beautiful yet dark concepts inspired by the way Hieronymus Bosch depictions of hell and the Saint Vitus Cathedral which gives this series it's name, Bosch Vitus." - Jas Helena

Velvit is also proud to present the SOUNDS component, featuring the Migration EP by Lykanthea. Lykanthea's music can also be heard in our campaign videos on the blog

Migration is the first in a series of releases inspired by the 4,000-year-old Sumerian tale of the goddess Inanna. Integrating field recordings from Ramgopal's travels in Greece, it shares the range of personal revelations and challenges Inanna faces during a transformative journey to and back from the underworld.