Monday, April 21, 2014

'LET ME ESCAPE FROM MY DEMONS' | Hunter Gatherer x Lykanthea

"Change my hands into the hands of a snake.
Change my feet into the feet of a snake.
Let me escape from my demons;
Do not let them hold me."
text: Inanna: Queen of Heaven and Earth (translated by Samuel Noah Kramer, arranged by Diane Wolkstein). (via lykanthea)

Lykanthea is Lakshmi Ramgopal, an experimental electronic musician based in Chicago, Illinois. Following her debut sundrowned, Lykanthea’s next album drops this August and is inspired by the 4,000-year-old Sumerian tale of the goddess Inanna. Written and recorded in Chicago and the Greek island of Delos, the album draws on Inanna’s harrowing journey between the underworld and the cities of the living to ponder the concept of rebirth within and across lifetimes. To bring these themes to life, Lykanthea collaborated with Laura Prieto-Velasco of Hunter Gatherer, whose new collection EXITIUM reinterprets the continuum that bridges creation and destruction to speak directly to Lykanthea’s dark imaginings. Together, they present a conversation between our ephemeral identities and the tangible realities they confront. The images below premiere the first of a series of their visual explorations.

Photography: C.B. Lindsey
Models: Lakshmi Ramgopal, Laura Prieto-Velasco, Rebecca Galloway
MUA: Rebecca Galloway
Styled with: Hunter Gatherer, Hogan McLaughlin, NUIT, Ovate


Hunter Gatherer:

Instagram @hunter_gatherer_chicago