Thursday, February 27, 2014

Julia deVille "phantasmagoria " | 2014 Adelaide Biennial

Julia deVille channels the black pageantry of the Victorian age in her Adelaide Biennial installation PHANTASMAGORIA. Her menagerie features her signature taxidermy of ethically-sourced animals, including kittens, fawns, piglets and bunnies – the star attractions of picture books from the Victorian period.

Presented as a child’s bedroom from the Victorian age, deVille’s installation can also be read as a self-portrait. As the artists herself recalls: “…as a child of three or four years, taxidermy and death interested me. I remember sitting in a wardrobe with my grandmother’s fox stoles with their heads, feet and tails. I felt they could come to life when I wasn’t watching”.

1 MARCH - 11 MAY 2014