Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Oh, Boy! | Billy Huxley

Name: Billy Huxley
Age: 24
Location: London
Day job (what pays the bills): Fashion Model

What was growing up like for you?

Growing up for me was mostly just like any normal working class kid from East London, I went to a state school, I had a good circle of friends and came from a loving and supportive family. Not everything was rosey though, I used to get involved in a lot of scraps growing up. It got pretty bloody serious, I came to a point where I really had to change my ways or I'd end up being in a far worse place than just A&E, Luckily I grew up and changed for the best, fighting is no good unless it's a professional sport and your making money. Fuck anything else.

How did you get into modelling?

My cousin Hannah O is an MUA, she was working on a fashion show and could put forward models, she asked me if I fancied it and I thought why not? Soon after, I tried my hand at a bit of free lance where I worked for a number of clothing brands, I got some photos together and created a twitter account which led to me getting in contact with a model booker, I suppose the rest is history as they say!

What was the response like from your mates when you started modelling?

Everyone is and has been right supportive when it comes to my modelling, they all know that I used to do roofing and hated it, so they are just happy that I'm doing something I enjoy. I'd like to say they are proud of me, I actually think they did tell me how proud they were once, but I can't be sure of it, as I definitely am sure Gin and Tequilas were involved that night haha!

Photo by Maciek

When you are not modelling what are you doing?

I do go gym, I try to get down the gym around 5x a week, I like to get that out the way before I do anything else. I'm a very social dude, I get bored of my own company very easily, so when I'm not working and finished up at the gym I'm always seeing who's about to meet up with for a drink or what not, I love a drink me, nothing beats meeting up with all your pals and putting the world to right over a few (or 10) beers.

What's it like seeing yourself all over the Internet and girls gushing all over pictures?

Haha! Ermm I've kind of gotten used to it to be honest, like it was never an overnight thing for me, it was quite gradual so I have never really been taken back by it all. At first there was one or two photos of me up on the net, then gradually more and more got posted. The girls gushing over the photos? Ha! Yeah it's flattering, I don't take much of it seriously though, people's online persona is a lot different to who they are in reality, I'm sure some of the comments I get would never get said to my face!

Photo by Paul Smith

Who is Billy Huxley? 

A fucked up mixture of ink, hair, alcohol, cigs and chicken.

What inspires you and who would you say your role models and/or heroes are?

To be honest with ya, I don't have any role models or heroes, like, there are people who I appreciate, that I can see are doing things for a better place and what not but I wouldn't call them my role models. People know what the difference between good and bad is, they know how to do right, why do you need a guide for that? I don't. There is Elvis of course though, he's the man! 

Photo by by Darren Black

How would you describe your personal style?

When it comes to style I quite like plain things and muted colours, I dress quite smart..ish. You can't go wrong with a black pair of skinny jeans, a pair of docs and a buttoned up Fred Perry (other brands are availablešŸ˜‰)

Is there a difference between the public and private Billy?

I'd say I'm more reserved when it comes to the public Billy, you have to be, I'm a bit too opinionated to post some of my thoughts on twitter and stuff like that, I think everyone has to be. To avoid all the bullshit I need to tone it down a notch or I'd probably get into trouble and not have a job ha! 

Photo by Maciek

Is there anything you would be prefer to be doing as a career instead of modelling?

I'd be in a rock n roll band, music is my biggest passion (apart from the obvious). I can't go anywhere without my headphones, music is my life, it's just a a shame I can't sing or play guitar very well!

What can we expect from you in the future?

Your guess is as good as mine, models have no idea what is going to happen from one day to the next, I wish I could say big things, but I literally have no fucking idea. Watch this space. 

Photo by Tom Johnson

Let's talk about girls. Ladies man, fun loving bachelor or hopeless romantic?

Ermmm tricky one that! The term bachelor makes me cringe so I wouldn't choose that. I'd like to think I can be romantic if I want so I wouldn't choose hopeless romantic. Let's go for ladies man.

What do you look for in women and admire most?

A woman has to have good banter, if she can't have a laugh then what's the point? Life is serious enough, chill out for fuck sake! Confidence is good but NOT cockiness. I've gotta feel loved, I could never get with a woman who is cold and doesn't like all the touchy feely stuff, I need to feel skin.

Girls vs Women?

As long as they are over 18 then what's the difference!?

Photo by Dan Kennedy

Photo by Tom Johnson

Do you have any advise for guys who want to get involved in the modelling industry?

If your not already, get is shape, Never pay for photos, and don't let anyone take advantage of you. If your not with an agency you can easily end up having companies take the piss out of ya with working for free and gaining no benefits, make sure something is in it for you! Whether that be exposure or payment in some way, shape or form. What's the point in doing a free shoot for a brand that has a cheap 2 bob website that only 10 people visit a day? Research your photographers, If your photos look cheap and tacky then so do you as a model.

Anything you'd like to say to your fans and the readers?

Yeah, thanks for reading you sexy bunch of fucks x

Where can we lurk you online?

My twitter which is @billyhuxley or Instagram - billyhuxley. There are tumblrs and all the rest of it but none of it is owned by me, Twitter and IG are the only social media platforms that I own :)