Thursday, August 23, 2012

Who's that Girl? | Pippa Holland

Photo by Meg Hutchison

Age: 21, soon to be 22!

Ethnicity: British

Currently live: ye old London town

Day job (what pays the bills): I work in a sweet little pub

 I'm a big movie buff, love cooking and baking and walking my giant puppy who I'm also currently trying to teach to skateboard! 

 To one day have my own line of vintage inspired dresses


 Extremely head over heels in love.


 Not much, I dropped out of college to look after my Momma :)

What was growing up like for you? 

I was an only child, and was very shy up until around 14.. I spent my days making clothes for my barbies and pretending I was in Lord of the Rings!

Do you see yourself as Model?

 I wouldn't say I was a model no, as its not what I do for a living. I see it more as a bit of cheeky fun on the side.. 

When did you become involved in modelling and what do you love about it? 

My first shoot was for FRONT magazine when I was 18, it was all very exciting and I have to say my favourite part is getting my hair and make up done, haha!

What would you like to do more in the future?

 Now and then, of course! I get quite shy in front of the camera but am slowly getting over it :)

What do you admire in other women? 

 I really admire women that can see a fellow attractive woman and not instantly call her a bitch. Women don't stick together enough nowadays in my opinion.. 

Pippa with model boyfriend James Quaintance

Who is Pippa? 

 Now that's a tough one, I'm all about my family really. Me and my boy are complete home bodies.. I prefer to spend a night in with good food and an even better movie!

Where to you draw inspiration from?

 I like to think I'm quite traditional, I love all things old fashioned and vintage. Marilyn Monroe, as cliche as that is, is a real inspiration to me also. 

How would you describe your style? 

Hmmm, at the moment I'm going for a more classic 40's/50's look rather than the pin-up esque/rockabilly vibe.

Are you a fashion brands girl or do you just wear what you like or whats comfortable? 

Most of my wardrobe is vintage, I live close to Camden Market which is an absolute haven for thrift shopping! 

Who would you say is your style icon? 

 I would have to say Wanda from Cry Baby mixed with a little Marilyn and Dita!

Top 5 clothing items you cannot live without?

 My Vivienne of Holloway dress, high waisted denim shorts, my 1940's cocktail dress, a gorgeous D&G wiggle dress and not forgetting my pyjamas!

Tales of love & lust?

 Quite an interesting story is how I came to be with my gorgeous other half.. We started talking on facebook a while back, talked for months and months and then decided we needed to be together! Having never met me in person, he flew to England from Venice, Los Angeles and we have been together ever since!

What is it that you love most about being a woman? 

 Being able to get service at a bar from the back of a busy queue ;)

Number one beauty product you can't go without? 

My Mac - Lady Danger lipstick, located in my pocket at all times.

When no one is around what is Pippa usually doing? 

 Sitting in my underwear, eating some kind of candy and watching stupid videos on youtube..

Is there a public and private Pippa?

 Indeed there is, people tend to think they know who you are and what you're about just by seeing photos of you on the Internet.. A lot of people I meet are surprised by how shy and nerdy I am in real life, Tumblr has given me this persona of a big headed model with my head up my own ass, which thankfully isn't the case!

Are we likely to see a lot more of you as a model?

 I have a few shoots coming up soon actually, some for fun and thrills, a friend E.P cover and a well known tattoo magazine, so keep your eyes peeled folks ..

What's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans?

 You can't waste your time worrying about what others think about you, if you're happy being you then that is all that matters!

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