Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Oh Boy! | Šimon Kotyk

Name: Šimon Kotyk
Age: 21
Location: Bohemia
Day job (what pays the bills): Mannequin. Full time. 

What was growing up like for you?

 I had beautiful childhood.

How did you get into modelling?
My mother agency booker discovered me in a shop when i was 14. Then I did one fashion week in Milan, and then I quit for couple of years because of high school.

What was the response like from your friends when you started modelling?

 I did not tell to anyone. And when they saw me later in some TV ad they were laughing about it. So it was secret at first.  

When you are not modelling what are you doing?

 It depends where am I. When I'm in my hometown I'm chilling with friends, otherwise on trips, I'm reading, writing, or watching movies.

What's it like seeing yourself all over the Internet and girls gushing all over pictures? 
Of course it is flattering to me but this whole thing is bit strange for me. All the tumblrs and  blog community are very overwhelming . For example I`ve been on chat with a girl on Facebook, just talking about random things and then somebody sent me her tumblr or something and there was a picture of our conversation, like as if it was something special or amazing. I don't know. I don't feel famous and I don't wanna be. I think its all kinda superficial.

Who is Simon Kotyk? 

This is a creepy question and I`ve been thinking about it the last couple of months. That name is kinda depersonalized for me now. I imagine a different person when I hear that name. I don't feel like Simon Kotyk anymore, and I don't use that name in my private life.

What inspires you and who would you say your role models and/or heroes are?

 In the fashion industry I could not say a single name because I'm not interested. But in the way of thinking,  Anton LaVey  is definitely someone who inspires me. He is my hero. And Jim Morrison and a lot of other poets and writers. 

Is there a difference between the public and private Simon? 

I think I behave still the same but there is very big difference.

Is there anything you would be prefer to be doing as a career instead of modelling?

 I want to create something and do something that makes me happy whatever it is. I'm writing, but I'm not sure that is something I can do for living.

What can we expect from you in the future? 

You can expect that one day Simon Kotyk will disappear. And it will be soon.

Let's talk about girls. Ladies man, fun loving bachelor or hopeless romantic? 

I'm a very romantic person but when I'm on the road all the time its hard to keep some relationships going. But at the moment I'm in love so I would definitely say I'm a romantic but not hopeless. 

What do you look for in women and admire most? 

I look for intelligence, fantasy, charm, extraordinary and the most important for me is spontaneity I guess. 

Girls vs Women? 

No matter. Age and shape is not important at all.

Do you have any advise for guys who want to get involved in the modelling industry?

 I think that these guys or girls who want to get into modeling so much, they will only be depressed about it later. These people don't eat, they are still stressed about everything. People who are successful in modelling are usually totally not interested in the fashion industry at all.
 Sometimes some guys ask me how they can get into the industry but I don't know really. "Just go to an agency and try it." But don't be sad when nothing much happens... and maybe I should tell them don't try it at all. It is hard and sad life in some ways. My younger sister is beautiful and she could be good at modelling but I don't want her to do that, because I know how fucked it can be sometimes.
 My advice for everything in general is "Don't take yourself so seriously." Life is easy when you do that. 

Anything you'd like to say to your fans and the readers? 

Thank you for being fans of pictures of my face. Good taste. (hahaha)

Where can we lurk you online? 

The only official page for me is my Facebook page.