Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Who's that girl? | Julie Becker

Age: 35
Ethnicity: Gringa loca (Valley girl)
Currently live: on the road to hell ;)
Day job (what pays the bills): Tattooing


 Painting, drawing, modeling, creative directing, making jewelery, jogging, reading, writing, and crafting.


To finish writing my book called Tattoo Therapy, and travel the world with my husband making art before we have babies and get locked down somewhere.


Apprenticed with Kevin Quinn

Photo by Juan Patiño

What was growing up like for you?

 Interesting, evolving currently from an introverted obsessive compulsive loner into a semi-social weirdo.

Do you see yourself as Model? 

Hmmm, not in the employed sense. I love it as an artistic medium.

When did you become involved in modelling and what do you love about it? 

I started taking photos as a teenager, I did a little modeling in my 20´s for Lip Service Clothing. I did a few tattoo magazine covers when I started tattooing and it happens whenever it is right.

What would you like to do it more in the future? 


What do you admire in other women? 

Confidence, stability, loyalty, honesty.

Who is Julie Becker? 

Sorry, this made me laugh.....I am an artist.

Where to you draw inspiration from?

 Nature and love.

Do you prefer behind the lens or in front? 

I like to be in front because I get stronger feelings when I am nervous and feel exposed. Being behind the camera, you have too much control and that can be fun, but I like being directed better.

How would you describe your style? 

My style, is no style. I just wear what I like that doesn´t compete with my tattoos. I wear the same outfit almost everyday. Jeans and t-shirt, but I do LOVE accessories.

Are you a fashion brands girl or do you just wear what you like or whats comfortable?
 I wear what is cheap, clothes should be recyclable in my opinion, they should accent who you are, not reflect your budget.

Who would you say is your style icon? 

Patti Smith and Janis Joplin

Tales of love & lust? 

Oh Lordy!!! My man is the best!!

What do you look for in the opposite sex? And what are the number 1 deal breakers?

 Honesty and loyalty. I don´t tolerate liars.

What is it that you love most about being a woman? 


When no one is around what is Julie usually doing? 


Is there a public and private Julie? 

I am the same shy, goofy, nerd wherever I am.

 Photo by Juan Patiño

What's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans? 

Go with the flow, and create your own reality.

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