Tuesday, March 27, 2012

NYC SEX TRASH | A Conversation with designer Stephanie Paterek

Strong, sexy, bold and rock n roll. That's how I would sum up Stephanie Paterek's NYC SEX TRASH. Stephanie's pieces are delicate yet tough and not to mention one of a kind. Her designs are not for the delicate flower. Blacks, nudes and reds make up the majority of the colour palette whilst there's plenty of lace, studs, hosiery and garters to bring any lingerie addict to her knees.  NYC SEX TRASH is unique in it's ability to be interchangeable as both lingerie and outerwear... the sassy wear for the public femme or the private femme. Since 2009 NYC SEX TRASH has gained increasing media attention, especially with the help of stars like Taylor Momsen and Lady Gaga who have adorned themselves with Stephanie's custom pieces. I had the opportunity to ask Stephanie a couple of questions about NYC SEX TRASH, below is what transpired.   

   So first of all tell us a little about yourself. Who is Stephanie Paterek?

Kitten with an old soul and a sharp eye.


When did you first get involved in the fashion industry?

My early 20's, my mentor was NY based designer Stella Zotis who is rock and roll leather goddess..She introduced a different side of fashion to me. Also years of working at the iconic Rock and Roll boutique Trash and Vaudeville  taught me a lot about this biz.

How did the idea & concept of  NYC SEX TRASH come to fruition?

In a nutshell: Ive been making my clothes since I was a teen making my own bondage skirts. A combination trying to get my life together and impress a boy, gave me that push on idea  of my own line, Ive was playing around with for years.

I debuted a small line at the Patricia Fields annual gay pride yacht party back Summer of 2009. Later that summer starting selling small collections in a few downtown NY boutiques, Taylor Momsen bought the infamous cream and gold studded corset dress at a closet size shop down in LES. A couple months later Lady Gaga pretty much bought the entire SS10 collection from me! Everything pretty much fell into place after that.


What made you decide on the name  NYC SEX TRASH?

its provocative and leaves you wanting more...

Where do you draw your influences for the label?

Its stems from all over the place just look at where I'm living! These days anywhere from the Fetish underworld to my Fathers Vintage Porsche Restoration shop

Who are some of your personal favourite female fashion icons?

Jane Mansfield and Becky Bondage 


From the outset, there is a very rock n roll, glam feel  to your collections. How important is it to you to maintain femininity and sexuality as well as the rock ethos in your designs?
Its so natural, it comes easy.


Who are some of your favourite designers and labels?

Agatha Boris is Queen Bee.


Is there any one designer you would love to collaborate with?

Thomas Wylde would be fun

Taylor Momsen rocking a custom NYC Sex Trash Dress

You have had numerous famous clients such as Lady Gaga and Taylor Momsen. Is there any one celebrity you would love to work with but haven't yet?

Well, Madonna just did a clothing pull from me a couple weeks ago. I don't think I can top that!

Lady Gaga wearing NYC Sex Trash on stage

Taylor Momsen wearing custom NYC Sex Trash on stage.

What percentage of your work is custom? And would you ever consider launching a larger scale collection to the public?

Everything I create is custom, and one of a kind. although its hand made and unique  Its more time consuming therefore expensive. I don't want to lose my aesthetic  so there needs to be a balance in the SEX TRASH brand. I'm currently in the works with expanding the brand starting with a hosiery line.

What are your favourite materials and embellishments to work with?

Anything vintage lingerie circa 1940-1960's Lingerie fashion design was an art in terms of style, construction and materials that cannot be duplicated today.
RIT dye, soft and buttery leather and heavy duty steel studs none of that plastic bullshit.

When you are not designing what can we find you doing?

A lot of travel. My boyfriend of 3 years is a road dog AKA professional musician. He is touring 8 months out of the year. We have a rule in our relationship that don't go more then 2 weeks without seeing each other. I'm always in a new city.  We also have the best little black Scottish terrier named General Wallace who takes up most of my time! In a good way!!

What can we expect from NYC SEX TRASH in the future?
Expanding the brand, a new Lower East Side showroom/studio and some collaborations with some talented NY designers.