Monday, February 6, 2012

Featured Tattoo Artist | Eric Kuiken

Name: Eric 'Eno' Kuiken

Location: San Diego California


What attracted you to tattooing?

 I've always been involved in the arts and studied fine art in college. tattooing is a medium that has so much history, culture, style and application of its own; its something that intrigued me from a very young age. however, i didn't get involved with the industry until i was 20.

How did you get into the industry?

 Fortunately i was able to obtain an apprenticeship in my home town of Reno Nevada.

Was it hard to find an apprenticeship?

I searched for an apprenticeship pretty rigorously straight out of high school but to no avail. it wasn't until a few years later, when i wasn't trying to get an apprenticeship, that one presented itself.

How many years have you been tattooing?

9 years

What inspires you?

Everything inspires me as an artists and i try to keep a creative outlook on a daily basis. i am fortunate enough to work with some really great tattooers who push me everyday to better myself as a tattooer and as a person.


Who are your favorite tattoo artists?

There are so many awesome tattooers around these days that i couldn't list how many of them i look up to.

How would you describe your tattoo style?

 I leave that up to the client or viewer but I love lots of black and bright colors. I definitely pull a lot from traditional tattoos but my style is far from that.

What have you learned in your years in the industry?

 nothing is sacred.

What advice do you have to people considering careers in tattooing?

 Good luck. Most people don't consider the kind of work that goes into the life of a tattooer. I am fortunate enough to tattoo 5 days a week. However I am drawing and painting 7 days a week on top of that.

What are some of the best things you have experienced as a result of your career?

Tattooing has allowed me to meet some of the best people I could ever think of knowing. It has also given me the opportunity to travel the world as well as pay my bills. But I've learned that tattooing will only give you what you are willing to put into it.

Where do you currently tattoo?

Guru Tattoo
1122 garnet ave.
San Diego CA 92102

You can also find my work here -