Friday, January 13, 2012

Who's that Girl? - Maga

Ethnicity: 100% Puerto Rican
Currently live: Portland, OR
Day job (what pays the bills): I'm an Internet nudist (cam girl)


Gaming, long walks, cooking, sleeping, Deadpool comics


Take over Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations gig.


Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone De Beauvoir, Selena (RIP), Charles Bukowski
 Education/Study: BA in Animal Psychology

 What was growing up like for you?
 I spent most of my days with my SNES or RPing in AOL chat rooms, or taking art courses. Most of my childhood summers consisted of Rocky Point Park and barbecues at Wallum Lake.

 Do you see yourself as Model?

 Jesus no. I can't take myself seriously enough to title myself as a "model"...I'm just a person who gets photographed once in a while by fancy cameras and talented perverts.

 When did you become involved in modelling and what do you love about it?

It all started with Lithium Picnic back in 2007; he was the first person with a camera to shoot me naked.That day I also met Dastardly Dave.They were both so helpful

and inspiring! They made me feel like I have so much potential in the industry. But the thing is, I only find modeling OK. The fun part is that it makes me feel like it's not really me when I step in front of a I'm some siren, which feels nice. And it's always so cool to see the product.

 I always feel like "wow, that's me?!". But I don't do it (shooting) often enough. I always feel like I'm just not mentally or physically ready to be in front of a camera. Like I have "artistic block" with how I feel about shooting. It comes from a sense of feeling like well, it's fun, sure, but I could never do it for a living. Or I feel like I'm just not that cute that day. Or week. I have a heavy sense of self-depreciating humor that makes me and the photographer laugh while working together. I just don't think I'm very sexy! I feel like the Woody Allen of alt-modeling. Minus the neurotic ambition.


 What would you like to do in the future?

Work with animals! 

 What do you admire in other women?

The same thing I admire in men, effortless wit and an unapologetic sense of true self.

 Who is Maga?

She's a candid enigma.


 Who would you say is your style icon?

 I don't really follow fashion, but Beyonce and Sofia Vergara be wearing some cute shit

 Your take on the opposite sex?

Dick's good.

 What's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans?

 It's pretty delicate and quick, so you might as well pursue whatever will make you happy ya dummy. Seriously, stop worrying about disappointing others. Do you (with kindness and respect). And take responsibility for it.

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