Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh, Boy! | Bradley Soileau

Name: Bradley Chedester Cabaness-Soileau
Age: 25
Location: New York Fucking City
Day job (what pays the bills): Modeling & DJ'ing


What was growing up like for you?

My childhood was pretty whack.. crazy mom, uncaring dad, terrible stepfather, unprepared stepmother. Just not a real child friendly childhood if that makes any sense.

How did you get into modelling? 

I got scouted walking down the street in the east village. 


What was the response like from your mates when you started modelling? 

"YOU'RE GAY" stuff like that. They're just joking of course, but they just like to make fun of me a lot, but they're all proud of me.


When you are not modelling what are you doing? 

Sitting on the Internet listening to gangster rap, watching storage wars, smoking or drinking with my friends, staring at the ceiling thinking stupid thoughts, playing with my turntables or walking around the city

What's it like seeing yourself all over the Internet and girls gushing all over pictures?

It doesn't matter to me, at the end of the day, all the girls commenting on my pictures doesn't make me any less single or lonely. 

Who is Bradley Soileau? 

Bradley Soileau is just a rebellious little kid no matter how old I get. I'm just a regular dude trying to figure out why I'm here and what I'm supposed to do. Just trying to have fun, live, love and enjoy life to the fullest.

Do you feel like you you get lumped into the tattooed model guy category often? 

Only not often. That's the only category I get lumped into I think.

Is there a difference between the public and private Bradley? 

Not really. I try to be the same no matter where I am. I mean the private Bradley is probably a lot more approachable than the public one, but I feel like that's the same with anyone who's a public figure.

It's obvious skating, music and tattoos are very much a part of your life. Is there anything you would be prefer to be doing as a career instead of modelling?

Investigative Journalism. I'd love to go undercover with a biker gang and write about them or like a real gang or organized crime ring. 

What can we expect from you in the future? 

DJ'ing, modeling, hopefully a clothing line. Maybe some music, and I know for sure next month the video for Lana Del Rey's new single "Born To Die".

Let's talk about girls. You come across as the ladies man or more so the the fun loving bachelor. Would you say that's accurate? 

I am exactly that because I can't find anyone worth a fuck and then in the past when I did, I fucked it up, so now I'm just a fun bachelor that likes to party with his friends. 

What do you look for in girls and admire most? 

I like girls that are beautiful and independent. I'm shallow, I won't lie. Women I'm interested in, are women that have their own lives and their own shit going on and the reason for that is because I have a life of my own and I can't dedicate a shit tonne of time to a relationship.

Girls vs Women? 

Women over girls any day. Women aren't immature and stupid and clingy. Girls are.

Do you have any advise for guys who want to get involved in the modelling industry?

  I would say do it if you have a back up plan, rich parents, your going to school or use it as a stepping stone, there's a lot of money to be made but it comes slowly and in increments. You can get a job for 10 grand one month and then never get paid again for like a year..

Anything you'd like to say to your fans and the readers? 

Kill people, burn shit, fuck school. But really, live life to the fullest. You only get one shot, do what the fuck you want with it cause if I can be a model and do what I've done, anyone can do anything.

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