Friday, December 23, 2011

Bacon or Bust! | 7 Glorious Kevin Bacon Film Favourites

When people first discover I am a dedicated Kevin Bacon fan there are always two responses - first there's the 'look' (you know the one..the one where the person sticks their eyes out like a bug and does a weird frozen face) and then the second response comes ''No, just no". I'm not sure what's more amusing people's inability to think a quirky dork like me would be a Kevin Bacon fan (or Kevy Baccy as I like to call him. not weird at all!) or their inability to admit to themselves that they too love the Baconator. (Yep, I went there too). Kevin is one of the most memorable actors to me growing up. I remember the first time I saw him and he was always a reliable film favourite throughout the years. 

But it was Footloose that really got me on team Bacon. Everything about that film resonated with me. So much so that I rented it out on VHS almost monthly from the local video shop. My father got so frustrated he spoke to the owner of the store to organise a personal copy for me to keep so I didn't keep asking to rent it. Dad didn't mind though he was a Bacon fan too and here was a legitimate way he could also indulge in the love of Footloose. Sorry dad, if I'm ever asked about this I will deny all and everything! 

So let's look back at some of my favourite Kevin Bacon Film Moments! 

Friday the 13th

He's the hot guy and he dies. Yep, this is horror.


If I have to tell you what Footloose is about then you need to check yo'self!

She's having a Baby

It's a John Hughes film, that's all you need to know. 


Ridiculous underground creatures make for an awesome Sunday afternoon watch.


Awesome story and filled with all the big 90's stars. Plus it's got Kiefer in it! 

The Air Up There

Cheesy Cheesy 'feel good' film but you just cannot look away!

Stir of Echoes

The scene where Kevin is digging in the backyard and his wife asks why makes this film worth watching on it's own.  "I'm Digging".