Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Who's that Girl? - Zahra

Zahra doesn't have a forgettable face that's for sure. This gorgeous part German/Irish and Cherokee 23 year old lives in Michigan, USA. Her flawless complexion and strong features definately leave a striking image. Oh, and did we mention she also has a bangin' body too?

 This ex bar maid bides her time between studying with modelling and promo work which fortunately enough also pays the bills. Zahra doesn't see herself as a model of a professional model by any means but loves and admits it's her biggest hobby. Zahra may be seem the party time but she assures me she's much more of a homebody and you are more likely to see her out on the beach soaking up rays than catch her at your local.

 When it comes to her spare time, Zahra is definately one of the regular girls. She loves going dancing with the girls, shopping, lots of shopping ha ha and keeping her hands busy around the house. And when she can she enjoys running and walking/playing with her dogs as a good stress reliever.

Zahra did it tough growing up in a one parent family and later spent majority of her childhood in and out of hospitals with her sick mother. As her mother became increasingly ill Zahra become a regular around hospital staffs. Needless to say Zahra found herself having to drop out of public school and undertake homeschooling  so she could take care of her mother. 

Things went from pretty bad to worse fairly quickly with no breadwinner in the family and Zahra found herself not only the daughter but the counsellor and the care-taker too. But she still maintains there were a lot of great memories before her mother fell ill. And if it weren't for her tough upbringing she wouldn't have learned the value of so many things a lot of people take for granted. 

"I wanna rise above my past growing up and turn negative events into positive for a child going through some of the things I went through. "

 Despite the challenges she face, Zahra kept herself positive and found guidance and support through spirituality. Zahra strives towards being a better christian and just an all around better person and aspires to some day make a difference in kids lives. 

Zahra draws a lot of her inspiration from her faith and from her boyfriend  (yes, she's taken!) who inspires her daily to be a better person. But of course the greatest inspiration in her life comes from her past and continues to keep her motivated towards building a future.

 When I asked Zahra what she wanted to do in the future, the answer was pretty simple.
"I want to live life and be happy and successful."

 Every time I sit down to read over the interviews for this column, I am always overwhelmed by all the stories from each girl and with Zahra this was no different. Strong, courageous and hopeful. These are words I take away from interviewing Zahra. Someone who refuses to let her past define her future and with all that soul and beauty I'm sure the future can only get brighter for this young woman.

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