Friday, May 20, 2011

Megan Martinez | Make-up Artist

22 year old Hispanic/Spanish Megan Martinez is a positive, gorgeous and extremely talented freelance make-up artist based in Corpus Christi, Texas USA. Megan may be the kind of girl who radiates beauty and exudes such a carefree and fun nature but it wasn't always that way. Growing up Megan struggled to deal with what can only be a very hard upbringing involving and dealing with many abuses such as drug abuse, physical abuse, sexual and mental abuse. Despite her poor upbringing and broken home environment Megan took on the role of mother figure to her younger brothers and learned the hard way that you have have to work hard to get what you want.

After some very troubled teenage years and feelings of isolation, loneliness and feeling unloved, Megan struggled with failed suicide attempts and was eventually thrown out of the family home and onto the streets. The harsh reality forced Megan to take charge of her life and get herself on a positive track. Around 16 Megan found her solace and guidance in spirituality and discovered her enthusiasm for makeup.

Megan working on Model Apnea

Her growing  love and desire for the art of makeup continued to grow and Megan started doing makeup at 16 and got picked up around 17.  Megan is 100% self taught and built her own my kit from scratch. She started by looking at pictures and trying to figure out the basics of how to apply.

"Most of my work was done from simple things I was inspired by like sunset colors or cheetah print from being punk haha. I had this mad love for color, I was always shaving and dying my hair..I would always apply the craziest colors on my eyes. "

By the age of 18 and soon after Megan was doing jobs such as Jay Leno for NBC or models from America's Next Top Model. Megan is now 22 and does makeup for celebrity's and models all over the USA. 

In the future Megan would love to do makeup for fashion week in NYC and aspires to make a substantial amount of money and become involved in philanthropic projects, like feeding the homeless and other charities. Megan's love for others and life, despite her own adversity, is one of the things that drew my attention to her. 

"I LOVE how strong women can be. I admire the ones who have been through hard times but remain sweet and strong..those women inspire me."

So who's one of Megan's favourite style icons? Well, Gwen Stefani of course! 

"I love how she is such a lady with what she chooses to wear yet she is not afraid to be different." 

Megan's passion and dedication to the true art of make-up is what makes her one of the most recognisable and unique in the industry. She is not afraid to be bold and not afraid to follow her instincts. She is known for her diverse range of artistic ability doing everything from high fashion to basic beauty.

With 6 years professional experience under her belt, Megan continues to grow as both an artist, woman and a true professional. She's come along way from her humble beginnings doing makeup for little girl beauty pageants. 

Alt Model Apnea


Alt Model Apnea

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