Sunday, April 10, 2011

Who's that Girl? - Rachel Dashae

23 year old Native American Rachel Dashae is fast making a name for herself as an alternative model. Her sultry and darker edge sucked me in from word go! Rachel isn't covered in tattoos but there is something very edgy and almost innocently sinister about her. Her dark raven hair, icy blue-ish eyes and her porcelain-esque skin are striking and she exudes a uniqueness and strength that sets her apart from other alternative models around at the moment. 

 Rachel lives in Philadelphia, PA and is fortunate enough to make a living off of her modelling career. Rachel got involved in modelling in High School. Like most girls she started by posted of herself on the internet.  Once she started with photographers she became addicted and turned the hobby into a full time job.  

"I love the art of using my body, and the freedom of being self - employed."

When she's not working she loves  to work out, and read psychology and astrology books. Rachel finds her inspiration in old photos, meeting new people all the time, her family, and just looking at her past and how far she has come. Rachel aspires to make herself and her image her own brand.

Rachel was born in Louisiana, but mostly raised in Richmond, VA. Rachel had a single mom and maintains a very close relationship with her. She's the oldest of 5, so she had to deal with a lot of  responsibility at a young age. Family is a huge part of Rachel's life and an ongoing inspiration.

Who are the women you admire most? 

"My mother, and one of my best girlfriends. If she reads this, she knows who she is."

What do you admire in other women? 

"Strength. I feel lucky to have met so many women with an amazing amount of might and courage."

What's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans? 

"Take one step at a time. I wish I could take my own advice sometimes, haha. But doesn't everyone? Don't let anything ever get you down, as cliche as that is. People are always going to criticize you, or tell you can't do something or expect for you to do too much. Do what makes you happy, and don't let anyone ever tell you that it's a waste of time."

Travel, travel and more travel is Rachel's main plan for the future. I'm sure with her distinct look, passion and drive for modelling things can only go forward for this gorgeous 23 year old.

Despite being involved in the modelling world Rachel is incredibly grounded and tends to steer away from egos and Hollywood persona's. At only 23 Rachel already has 5 years modelling experience under her belt and continues to put her best foot forward and follow her dreams.

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