Saturday, March 12, 2011

Who's that Girl? - Rio Lund

Gorgeous Moroccan/Spanish/Norwegian is an ethnic blend of HOT.  Rio Lund is 27 and born and raised in Los Angeles, California. During the day Rio spends her time going to castings and dealing with agents then at night she pays the bills working as a tattooer and piercer at Young Guns Tattoo Studio in Hollywood.

 When Rio isn't working behind the needle or in front of a camera she spends her time  surfing,  doing yoga/ Pilate's, break dancing, fighting (krav maga), gardening, hiking and painting. Like most of us Rio just wants some of the simple joys of life,  to try to be a better person each day, and to stay happy. From one dog lover to another I know exactly what she means when she admits one of her daily inspirations is her dog named Trouble.

"he loves unconditional, and the simplest things bring him joy"

 Growing up Rio felt like she didn't belong. A lot of that she thinks has too do with being a mixed ethnicity and trying to find where she fits in. But Rio definitely doesn't have that problem any more. She beams with confidence and a secure sense of self that is awe inspiring and adds to her sex appeal.   Rio began modeling when at 16. Whilst she always had trouble not fitting in with agencies or getting dropped for not being "right" or not being skinny enough Rio never let it it deter her from her goal to model.  

  "I have a curvy body and I'm tall. I'm not like your "average" model."

 In the future, Rio wants to open some more tattoo shops, maybe travel, maybe have children.. hey, who says you need to know right now? Rio is just trying to be in the moment and trying to stay positive. "That's where all the magic comes from is being positive". When it comes to other women, Rio admires our strengths, our softness, our beauty within and out. 

"We are just amazing goddesses with a lot of power."

Rio considers herself more of a lover of all styles when it comes to fashion and fashion icons. She feels like there are so many women who's style she can appreciate at that moment. Whilst Rio tends to stay away runway modeling she has done over 20 commercials, music video clips and print campaigns including clients like Nike, Coke and Target. Rio has also done a lot of magazines and a lot of magazine covers and has quite a few more coming out this year to look forward to! 

Rio's message to her fans is "to love yourself, never sell yourself short". 

"If you stay focused and keep positive, you can do anything you want! You never know what's waiting for you around the corner! Be confident too, because people can always tell subconsciously, and it can effect your goals... so keep that head up!"

And sorry boys, she's taken!