Saturday, February 19, 2011

Who's that Girl? - Natalie Jean

Nomad, gypsy, dancer and beauty all wrapped in one. That's one way to describe Natalie Jean. Natalie Jean has no shortness of talent whether it's acting, film production, stunt work, dancing or art. Passionate, strong and confident Natalie Jean travels across country following her passions and exploring her love for all art-forms. Her exuberant personality, fun nature and her quirky almost Punky Brewster-ish good looks make her hard to forget.

Who is Natalie Jean? 
"Just a girl all hopped up on ideals. I’m a barf bucket of love and rage."

Natalie Jean just wrapped on a horror movie called Cross Bearer as a principle character and co-producer (with Adversary Films and Doug Sakmann of Backseat Conceptions).  The film is now in the beginning stages of post-production and aiming for a late spring release.

Let's talk about inspiration. Where do you find yours?

"Oh there’s so many. My cohorts in film currently, for damn sure. All the guys I’ve gotten into projects with- Doug Sakmann, Brian Iglesias, Anton Sattler, Adam Ahlbrandt, the list could go on forever with these dudes. They’re what I’ve always hoped to find- a bunch of functioning lunatics who are driven by their madness to make movies. Definitely the stunt coordinator/director who brought me into the stunt field and taught me so much about the film industry and how to stay afloat, Doug Crosby. My dear friend BAM for always making me laugh my face off, and for his willingness to carry out crazy hair-brained schemes with me. Plus all the other Jackass guys, particularly Knoxville. He practically stormed the gates on this industry to get heard, and he’s been in front of and behind the camera ever since, pushing everyone’s buttons. I can’t NOT love him. And my parents and Mario D’Amici, and lifer bffs Natalie Sweet and Kate Scott for always giving me so much blind faith and support (and so much of their personal space!). That inspires me to push my limits every day."

Natalie Jean studied arts management and dance in college and received a BA. Although, she's glad she went to college she definately sees herself as more of a 'hands on' person.  Natalie comes across as a very positive and strong personality. Natalie aims to stay happy, healthy, and busy, and to always be true to herself.  Natalie is always busy and never wants feel stagnant or bored.

What was growing up like for you?
"I have lived in a dream cloud since I was a little girl, and I was a goofy looking kid. So, mostly awkward. When my parents moved us into the suburbs from the city, I never quite meshed with the other kids. Which is ‘nice talk’ for I was a Grade-A Feeb. I was consumed with ballet, and my grandma was probably my best friend until middle school. Then I found punk rock, and in my teen years all I cared about was dance, rock and roll, and horror movies."

Do you see yourself as Model?
"I enjoy modeling, I know that. It’s helped me branch into many different fields. And though I think I wouldn’t be satisfied with only modeling, I cherish it as part of my life. So I guess I would see myself as a model, but I also consider myself a one-woman travelling circus, so maybe I’m not the best authority for logical conclusions."

When did you become involved in modelling and what do you love about it?
"I was about 19 when I first started working with agencies and getting jobs. It’s such a release if you really love it. Conceptualizing and living out ideas, as a model or directing a shoot, is so awesome. You can either be the puppet or be the one pulling the strings as a model. If you can co-command the shoot in a symbiotic nature with the photographer, you can come away with an incredible shared experience. It’s the closest I get to sex most of the time. Also I love the travel, the adventure, and wearing totally bitchin’ expensive clothes."

Who would you say is your style icon?
"I think icons and idles are a dangerous thing, they send your brain the message that you’re less than. And you ain’t! But I respect the shit out of a lot of people, style and otherwise. I often draw inspiration from Theo Cogan, Wendy O. Williams, The Ramones, and the 70s LA punk scene. There’s the princess, glam, ballet side of me that loves delicate beauty and extravagance. The rest of me is mostly filthy. So I’ve been functioning on the idea of ‘glam smut’ for most of my adult years. Theo’s a great example of that, and I’ve always loved her look. David LaChapelle’s photography is another great example of mixing dark themes with sparkle and femininity. And actresses like Rose McGowan and Christina Ricci mix glow and goth together in a really natural way, which is gorgeously badass."

What do you admire in other women?
"Here’s what is the most stunning and sexy in a women to me: Mentally, the ability take charge of her destiny, and be brave about the work that involves. Emotionally, to be able to maintain self-worth even in the face of heartache. Physically, nice skin. Though I now love all my cuts, bruises, and scars (I’ve got a lot, I’m a bit rough and tumble), I always notice beautiful skin. I’m no porcelain doll, but for the girls who are, congrats!"

Kirsti Ann Urpa,

What's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans?