Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who's that Girl? - Laydi Marie

The gorgeous Laydi Marie first came across my radar when I saw a photo of her with well known tattooist/tattoo model Little Linda. Instantly, I had to know who this raven haired beauty was. This 25 year old LA girl is a lot more than meets the eye.

Laydi studied at the Fashion Institute Design and Merchandising, Los Angeles CA (FIDM) but baby, fashion don't pay those bills so by day Laydi works those digits as a Corporate Account Executive for Parfums Givenchy/Guerlain/Emilio Pucci. I wish even one third of the execs I meet on a daily basis looked as fabulous as Laydi.  A model citizen and avid CNN news addict, Laydi is also a keen snowboarder, tattoo enthusiast and closet knickknack hoarder.

Who is Laydi Marie in her own words?

"Well my sister and I always talked about starting a company together called "Laydi...(still in the works)" and with me being Layna (Lay) middle name Marie and her being Diana (always being called Didi)... Lay+Di get it!! I started to use Laydi Marie at the start of modeling. I guess it's a time bomb ticking for our future."

Laydi not only flicks those digits on her savvy calculator but doubles as a make-up artist in her own time as well. And if that isn't enough to keep her busy she also dabbles in music and modelling. What does the future hold for Laydi? Well hopefully working a lot more on music projects and maybe seeing her strutting her stuff on stage in a band.

"I'm surrounded by Makeup, Music and Tattoos and with so many amazing people in my life I want to put them all in a jar and produce a hybrid baby of awesomeness... watch out my water just might break."

Laydi has become a somewhat reluctant label snob. Let's talk Givenchy. But at the end of the day, as long as it's black it's on this girl's clothes rack! Something I can definately relate to. Audrey Hepburn and Jackie-O crossed with Marc Jacobs is roughly the best way to describe Laydi's style inspirations. 

When did you become involved in modeling and what do you love about it?

"I'm a makeup artist, always around photographers. They kept telling me to model and I kept denying it... I'm kinda shy but I've started to face the music and roll with the punches."

What do you admire in other women?

"I just like people who are realistic, light at heart and stay humble even if they are drop dead gorgeous."

Laydi's take on life? 

"Nothing's worth a Wrinkle."

Laydi & her boyfriend Andy LaPlegua (lead singer of Combichrist)

You can lurk Laydi Marie below:

And don't get cheeky, Laydi is very much a taken lady!!