Sunday, January 9, 2011

Who's that Girl? - Mary Leigh Maxwell

Photograph Blue Box Pictures
Gorgeous 24 year old Mary-Leigh Maxwell from New Jersey caught my eye online and very quickly became one of my fave lady crushes. Sultry, sexy and full of attitude but devoid of ego Mary Leigh loves modelling and describes herself as a "girlie tattooed model, dog adoption enthusiast, a romantic and food and coffee loving- sensitive-girl."

Photograph Blue Box Pictures

 Mary Leigh went to Art School in LA but soon discovered her passion fell more in line with Cosmetology. After graduating from Cosmetology school in 2008 Mary Leigh has been involved heavily in the hair/make-up industry mostly in a freelance capacity.

Modelling however, takes passionate first place in Mary Leigh's life.  Mary Leigh started looking into modeling when she was around 16, but never really pursued anything.  However, the past 2 years have seen Mary Leigh's aspiration for modelling become more serious and a more permanent staple in her life. Mary Leigh now graces many Tattoo Magazine covers, Clothing Line Look books and numerous print works. Needless to say Mary Leigh is working hard to try and make modelling her career. But when she isn't modelling she dabbles as a hairstylist and receptionist. A girls got to pay her bills!

Photograph by Luke Brereton

Photograph by Luke Brereton
  "I believe 100% in karma, and being positive.You can have whatever you want if you really believe in it enough.  and you bring yourself the things you think about the most, whether that be good or be positive!"

And to much delight of men and even some women Mary Leigh remains single and loving it. 
"I'm usually always in a relationship so I'm trying to not rush into anything for once, and really find what I know I deserve."

What do you admire in other women?
  "I admire strength, positivity and compassion in other women.  I love girls that don't put themselves down, but who are also not conceited.  You can be strong and still care about others."

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