Monday, January 17, 2011

Who's that Girl? - Christie Griffiths

What is it about these NYC girls? I cannot get enough of them! My latest crush is 25 year old Polish/Irish/Italian babe Christie Griffiths. Christie lives on the upper east side and works as the office manager for Diane von Furstenberg's corporate office and if you have no idea who that is I'll give you a hint - Famed Fashion Designer. So needless to say Christie has a job opportunity a lot of girls would dream of.

Christie has University degrees in Mass communications and PR and Fashion merchandising and buying. Christie's main aspirations are to have a successful career,  get married to someone I love and eventually become a mother."I want to grow old and live an amazing life... traveling, and enjoying my family."

 When she's not working she's just like most of us girls. Christie loves to shop, go out to eat, ride her bike, get tattooed, read blogs, drink wine, hang out with my family/ boyfriend. YES. That's right gang, the girl is taken. The lucky man of 4 years is tattooer Kike Castillo from Timmy Tattoo is Huntington, NY.

Growing up, Christie had a lot of awkward stages. "A lot of guys didn't want anything to do with me until i was 16. I got made fun of a lot... and just had terrible confidence." Of course as she grew older a lot of those guys grew ugly! ha! We all know the ugly duckling/swan scenario definately gets karmic revenge in the end.

Christie first got involved in doing modelling through Inked Magazine.
"I worked with Inked Magazine. I loved it, it was a great experience. I actually enjoyed showing everyone the woman i have become. I feel like it has been a long road... with a lot of judgements through out there... and i just wanted to show people that even though i have tattoos i can look beautiful. "
Who would you say is your style icon?

"I admire my boss, Diane von Furstenberg. She is an incredible woman. She has this thing about her where you always want to be around her. She attracts everyone. To me, she is so talented... and I could only dream to be like her. As far as young women go... I love Nicole Richie, I love everything she puts on. She's flawless. I also grew up admiring Madonna. She is an icon... that I still admire till this day."

What do you admire in other women?

"I admire the way women carry themselves. I love style. It is pretty much the first thing I look at. I can't help it. A lot is said to me by the way someone is dressed. I also look at the details... make up, hair, nails. I am very into beauty. I love seeing a beautiful woman. I admire someone confident... and easy going. "

What's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans?

"I didn't know I had fans haha! My take on life is to not take it so seriously. I like to live day by day, and not think too far ahead in the future. A lot of times I get ahead of myself, and I tell myself to slow down. Nothing is worth losing sleep over. "

The future looks bright for Christie and I'm sure it's set to get even more so with Christie currently looking into progressing her fashion career and later opening her own store, both of which I will be eagerly awaiting to evolve.
So who is Christie Griffiths?
"I am an hard-working, fun... I love people. I love fashion... I take a lot of pride in my clothes and etc. I love tattoos, I don't know when I will stop. I love the city. I need to be around madness, or else I think I am going crazy. I am a daughter, aunt, girlfriend, sister. (all which i am very good at)."