Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Who's that Girl? - Marilyn Rondon

After featuring in Inked Magazine, Venezuelan natural beauty Marilyn Rondon set everyone's minds racing. When Marilyn isn't painting, dancing or rockin' the karaoke mic this 23 year old Brooklyn resident works as a bar tender.

"Although I'm just a bartender, i take the job pretty serious, coming up with new cocktails and infusions, I like pretending that I'm making love potions, I love going into thrift stores and finding vintage jars, glasses, bar spoons and poison bottles, I'm always looking for new creative ways to make traditional drinks into more drinkable 'love potions'."

Modest about her fan base, toting "What fans?" Marilyn admits she received a lot of weird "fan mail" after the Inked shoot and doesn't really consider herself a model. Growing up, Marilyn was always kind of a tomboy whose ( extremely Latin catholic) mom didn't really approve of "dressing girly".  

"I wasn't allowed to shave my legs till i was 15 so i got made fun of a lot and had really bad self esteem, kids can be real jerks!"

Whilst Marilyn, like most girls, enjoys the finer things of life she's responsible with her money remembering life wasn't always so great. She started taking care of myself at a pretty young age after her parents split up. After some springing back and forth between parents and living the hood rat life she decided it was time to do her own thing. Marilyn started living with friends and alone while trying to graduate high school. Marilyn is the definition of resilient, a true little warrior. 

"here i am now, still working my ass off, and actually have less responsibilities than when i was younger, guess the hard work is starting to pay off."

Aside from her obvious strength and beauty there is the ink! Marilyn started getting tattoos because it was "different". After moving to New York she realized that the artists there were actually true artists and started investing a lot into her tattoo work. Eventually she was hired as a counter girl at Dare Devil/ Fun City Tattoo and went crazy with getting tatted.

Looking to the future Marilyn would love to have babies  and own her own home and business. Pretty focused for a 23 year old I'd say. Despite it all Marilyn still remains very level headed and marks the scars of all self-made women.

Marilyn's life advice?
"Being independent and doing your own thing"

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