Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Who's that Girl? - Sammi Sadler

 In the last couple of weeks this photo taken from an Etsy store has been spreading like wildfire through the tumblr universe. But who is this girl? No one knows. So I put my super sleuth skills to the test and low and behold I have the answers!


This 1940's style clad beauty is 22 year old Sammi Sadler from Surrey in the United Kingdom. Previously a systems administrator for a software company, Sammi now works with 1940-50s glamour inspired Show Label Miss L Fire.

As a child, Sammi always stared at pin-ups from the Forties. "I loved the immaculate clothes and perfect make-up. Brazilian singer and actress Carmen Miranda was the most amazing woman."
"Back then, men and women admired curves; they didn't want bones sticking out all over the place."


And yes, I'm afraid so boys, she is very much taken!

You can follow Sammi online via Myspace or her Blog.