Thursday, September 30, 2010

Who's that girl? - Alesandra Nicole

Photos of New Yorker Alesandra Nicole have been circling in heavy rotation across the Internet mostly due to some hot pictures by Are Bernard. So who is this girl?

23 year old Alesandra is in love with life and sure isn't afraid to live it. Originally studying childhood education, a neck tattooed later, Alesandra opted for a different career direction shall we say. Day Job? Let's just say Alesandra's job is a little more suited to night time.

Alesandra's passion and number one hobby is music.  She's been singing for as long as she can remember and can't imagine life without it.  

"I'm always the girl in the kitchen singing ballads at house parties. I'd love to be the first tiny tattooed white girl signed to young money... what? can i dream?!"

"Any females you look up to? My mom, she's so giving & talented & hilarious. I love any woman with a big in-your-face attitude. I don't obsess over celebrity, but like any 22-23 yr old girly girl, I'm goo goo for GaGa!"

Like most girls Alesandra loves hanging with the girls and having marathons of cheesy reality TV shows and enjoying the NYC nightlife. And if you are really lucky you may spot her on a faraway beach adventure sometime.

The one line Alesandra lives by - STAY POSI!

Alesandra is in every sense, a free bird. Beautiful, positive, vibrant and strong.

You can find Alesandra on myspace