Thursday, September 23, 2010

John John Jesse - Punk Painter

I have followed the work of painter and former member of Anarcho-Punk Band NAUSEA, John John Jess for years now. The NYC self-professed "punk painter" and former Catholic School boy of 8 years, John John's work reflects the gravitation and trials of those two opposites.

Born in New York City's Lower East Side, John John first gained notoriety as the founding member and bassist of the legendary influential political punk band Nausea. Nausea toured the D.I.Y. punk circuit all over the United States and Europe in the late 80's and early 90's.
Having left school and home at 15 years old, equipped with no formal art training, he began doing posters, flyer art, and record sleeves for bands, and organizations like Agnostic Front and Destroy.
His ever present attention to detail has certainly become his signature style. The paintings are framed in various woods and metals, both vintage and elaborate moldings sometimes refinished by John John.
John John Jesse's amount of energy, precision, idol worship and ceremony, alongside sub conscience delight and fear, gives us an imagery with all it's beauty and defiance. What innocence should be, and what it tragically often becomes, with conviction that can visually speak to generations. He does this with such obsessive detail and flair for originality. To show us that the only hope beyond the tragedy of life, is the fact that he has survived it with his art.