Friday, September 17, 2010

Jessica Joslin - Brass & Bone 2010

Jessica Joslin was born in Boston, MA and grew up collecting flies off the windowsill to look at under her microscope. Ever since, she has been enchanted with collecting a magpie’s array of remnants from the natural world. The collection gradually grew to include obsolete bits of antique mechanical mechanisms, hardware and other oddball artifacts. In 1992, she began building the first beasts of this menagerie, using objects sent in a care package from her father, the same pieces that she’d collected as a child.

In the rare moments that she is not building creatures for her ever-expanding menagerie, Jessica works as a commercial model maker, building prototypes of toys… alternately working as a model maker, carpenter, machinist, mold-maker, and sculptor. She lives in a mad workshop, hidden away in Chicago with her husband, Jared.