Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Who's that Girl? - Jesse Lee Denning

Part German part Russian, 28 year old Jesse Lee Denning is as mentally stimulating as she is strikingly beautiful. Born and raised in the West Village in New York City, I first came across Jesse Lee by accident while researching public relations. When this stunning and strong woman came across my radar I couldn't help but take notice.

Jesse oozes strength and sexuality. By day Jesse works in PR & Marketing for an Architecture Firm and has both an undergraduate and MA in Art History from NYU. When she has the time she also scouts new artists and freelance curates art shows. 

But when she's really taking time off you can catch Jesse dancing, enjoying concerts, art collecting or hanging out with her cat, 3 dogs and her boyfriend. YES. I did say boyfriend. Jesse's boyfriend is the guitarist from famed band From Autumn to Ashes. So hands off this one fellas!

Though she doesn't see herself as a model or aspires to take on a modelling career Jesse can be seen gracing many Tattoo magazine Covers across the world.

So what does Jesse admire in other women?
"First off, women who support one another and aren't catty, there's way too much of that shit out there right now. I have some great girlfriends and I admire their beauty, brains, compassion, and differences.  Self confidence is something women struggle with so I certainly admire that in a woman. The more self confident the less catty ladies are - at least I think so."

Jesse's Style Icons?
Kate Moss, Jane Birkin and Bridget Bardot

What's Jesse's  take on life and advice?
"It's been great, everyone has been very receptive and supportive. Which is really nice being that I do have a lot of tattoos and there are certainly tons of people out there that find them gross and have nothing nice to say.  That being said, my advice is to surround yourself with supportive loving people who encourage you to believe in yourself and kick he haters to the curb."

You can Lurk Jesse here: