Thursday, February 23, 2017

Meadowlark Jewellery | 'IN BLOOM' AW17

The snarling, thrilling toughness of the punk movement, with its uncompromising integrity and DIY ethic, and the anarchic energy of the natural world are both evident in Meadowlark’s dazzling new collection.

Besides calling to mind Nirvana’s outsider-baiting, loud-quiet-loud breakout single, In Bloom pays homage to the intense and glorious life cycles of ora and of celestial bodies — whether stars or souls — as they journey to their nal destination, and forever onwards. A tight collection of jewellery that’s delicate without being prissy, entirely modern but grounded in ancient esoteric thought.

Designers Claire Hammon and Greg Fromont nod to the beautiful spiritualism and symbolism of the 70s New Age movement, which had no trouble seeing the synchro- nicities between stars, owers and souls — all of them on an endless cycle of ripening, exploding and being reborn.