Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Let's Get ECO! 7 waste-free products you need to know about!

There's literally no excuse to not embrace new eco-friendly and sustainable products in today's age. Everywhere you look there is something new and inventive popping up making things easier and creating less waste and harm to our planet and our bodies. I've put together a list of a few of my favourite new products and old products that deserve many a mention! 


89, 290 is the number of disposable cotton pads the average female will use in a lifetime. 
100 years, the time it will take for single-use wipes to disintegrate in landfills.
This inspired BAMBU FACE to create a more sustainable solution. A husband and wife team that share a love for sustainable business and great beauty products.

Bambu Face pads are made from Bamboo Rayon fabric. Our buttery soft eye makeup remover pads are made from bambooverlour fabric and our soft and durable facial pads are made from bamboo terry cotton. AND THEY LAST 200 WASHES!! You can even use these babies with nail polish remover or your favourite toner. 

To clean your bamboo pads simply hand wash with warm water and a bar of soap directly after each use. Once a week you can pop into your mesh laundry bag and put into the washing machine. Then use your included mesh bag to hang your Bambu Face pads up to dry. It's as easy as that! 


Jonny vegan-friendly condoms are my new favourite go-to. They are stylish, discrete and well, damn pretty to look at. The packaging is slim and easy to throw in your purse or bag. Each box of condoms comes with a sustainable 'FabLittleBag' to throw that used condom in and dispose of kindly. 

One of my favourite things about this brand is the choice. Jonny condoms come in three different stash sizes - the overnighter, the weekender and the lover's dozen.  You can buy online and selected stores or you can even sign up to their subscription service. 

Jonny to support causes that aim to improve the lives of girls and women across the globe. Through i=Change, Jonny donates $1 from every pack of condoms sold online to support some incredibly important causes. 

Viva la Jonny!


I have tried every menstrual cup on the market with many trials and tribulations. When I was living in the UK I came across this magnificent German product called Me Luna. I will never use another menstrual cup brand again. Me Luna cups are diverse, inclusive and made for all women and vaginas. 

Me Luna's range is extensive. You can get them in every colour you can think of - even black! All their cups come with custom grips such as the classic stem, small ball, small ring or no grip at all. Each model comes in sizes S-XL and there are a variety of types to suit your needs. Me Luna menstrual cups come in three models - Classic, Sport and Soft and all models also are available in a Shorty length for those women with very low cervixes during menstruation or short vaginal canals. 

Each Me Luna cup comes with either a nifty microfiber bag or cotton bag for discrete storage. You can also purchase a menstrual cleaning cup for safe cleaning of your Me Luna cup. 


Junni is an organic tampon and pad subscription box that makes periods suck that little bit less.  

All Juuni tampons are - 

  • 100% certified organic cotton with an organic cotton string
  • No synthetics or dyes
  • Suitable for sensitive skin
  • Cruelty-free and vegan
  • 100% biodegradable

  • It's as simple as hand-picking the products that suit your flow that you need and how many and Juuni creates a custom box of all your organic tampons, pads or liners and delivers them straight to your door each month. Every delivery comes in a gorgeous very aesthetically pleasing gift box and is filled with some sweet nothings from Juuni to make the whole period experience a little less crappy. 

    No more treacherous missions to the shops or ransacking your bathroom cabinets in the middle of the night!  


    Photo by @ohnaturalnz

    Fair + Square soaps are handcrafted soaps from New Zealand using all-natural ingredients, vegetable oils and essential oils. They contain no plastic packaging, no palm oil and no synthetic fragrances or colours. 


    Bar None creates zero waste, sustainable hair products that are free from SLS, Parabens, Phalates and other nasties and come in full plastic-free and recyclable packaging. 

    Alongside hair bars and liquid hair products, Bar None also creates biodegradable and plastic-free hair ties and hair scrunchies which is pretty damn neat!



    1.  Zero Co's mission is to eliminate single-use plastic from our kitchens, laundry and bathroom. For good! After a ripper of a Kickstarter campaign, pre-orders are now open to order your box of household and bathroom products. LAundry liquid, body wash, hand wash, stain remover, bathroom cleaner, air freshener, toilet cleaner etc are all available from Zero Co.

    Zero Co have created a circular supply chain that replaces the single-use plastic packaging with modern and gorgeous designed dispensers made from plastic waste pulled from the sea and refill sachets made from recycled materials derived from landfill.