Wednesday, March 20, 2019


On the new single “Black Seaweed” Westergaard recites a poem in lyrical form; the memory of romantic a stroll down to the harbour. 

It contains a dark poetic spoken word form, on top of haunting ominous drums that resounds the longing of the past. A horror theme that 

is finally redeemed in the chorus, where uplifting violins take the song riveting heights.

From the LP "Moments of Bliss" to be released via Third Coming Records (FR) and Aufnahme + Wiedergabe (DE) on March 29th 2019. 

Preorders : Video by Lisa Jespersen and Magnus Westergaard. Mix: Kristian Alexander Pedersen.

IG : @dune__messiah

IG : @thirdcomingrecords