Saturday, September 8, 2018


Self Love is a collaboration between best friends, Lucy Carlson (Designer) and Abby Drielsma (Tattooist). The collection is inspired by the detailed and dreamy Self Love titled flash illustrations by Abby and the message is simple: acceptance, love and kindness for oneself. 

For Lucy and Abby, the true realisation of self-love was consummated through similar struggles and only properly came about in recent years after experiencing loss and heartache that forced them to rebuild their sense of self worth independently as opposed to co-dependently. Recognising patterns of post-traumatic growth after bringing the focus back to their selves highlighted what true happiness and self love meant and enabled them to prosper personally and professionally. Lucy and Abby worked together translating these illustrations to many of the garments from the collection through embroidery, beading and screen printing, harnessing Lucy's fashion design and sewing skills and Abby's expertise in visual communications, composition and placement of imagery. 

The amalgamation of tattoo design and fashion between the love of two friends resulted in the creation of 'Self Love' - a euphoric and euphemistic floral neon fantasy that plays with a dichotomy of beauty and vulgarity with flowing silks and skin-tight, garish pvc.