Saturday, February 25, 2017


Sarah Potter is pleased to present “Season of the Witch,” a group exhibition of new work at SPRING/BREAK Art Show during Armory Arts Week in New York City. The sixth edition of SPRING/BREAK Art Show will take place in the former corporate offices located at 4 Times Square with Ms. Potter’s curatorial project in room #32 on the 23rd floor of the building. The fair will run from Wednesday, March 1 to Monday, March 6 with a preview and Vernissage on Tuesday, February 28. This exhibition will mark the first in a series of events Ms. Potter has planned for 2017 which she has deemed as the “Season of the Witch.”

“Season of the Witch” reflects on the ways artists engage in ritual to reveal their deeply personal beliefs and spirituality through the creation of their artwork. The potent archetype of “the witch” is utilized here to represent a creator whose power comes from within. Like modern day shamans, artists are the ultimate magicians who are able to turn the intangible (their inner thoughts and inspirations) into the tangible (their artwork); the immaterial magically materializes. Working intuitively while referencing the powerful language of symbols, all of the artists in this exhibition turn art making into a modern day magical practice.

Six artists will be featured in the show: Evie Falci, Lala Abaddon, Heather Gabel, Astral Eyes, Hilary White, and Jesse Bransford. Working in a vibrant color palette and a variety of materials, Hilary White’s sculptural wall pieces act as portals to another realm of consciousness. Lala Abaddon’s woven photographs straddle the digital and analog realms revealing a pixelated dreamscape of her deeply personal inner world. Evie Falci transforms the mundane materials of denim, pleather, rhinestones, and metal studs into the divine by creating intricate mandalas referencing sacred geometry and ancient symbology. Utilizing the medium of collage, both Astral Eyes and Heather Gabel create powerful visual alchemy from collected imagery to reveal the surreal in their work. Jesse Bransford explores the relationship between art and magic through his practice and will charge the space with intention through the creation of a site-specific installation in the room which will remain on view for the duration of the exhibition.