Friday, February 12, 2016


HVNTER GVTHERER's 2016 Leather Art Object Collection SAL ET CORIUM (Salt and Leather) explores the shifting qualities of power and presence through a series of sculptural adornments created from pre-worn black leather garments. Inspired by pre-iron age armor and contemporary leather culture, the accessories designer proposes a new approach to creative ritual and self-realization through the spirit of DIY music and fashion. Each piece in the collection only becomes fully realized when worn; taking on its true shape when united with its ultimate muse.

The second presentation of SAL ET CORIUM focuses on THE PROCESS via a full length video by Chris Hefner scored with the anxiety - inducing rhythms of musician Seth Sher. Unreleased footage documents designer Laura Prieto-Velasco working directly with creative collaborator / muse Heather Gabel as the collection emerges and slowly comes into being.

"Maker and muse communicate as hands and body synchopate. 
Hides within hides find life on new skin."

Video: Chris Hefner
Model / Creative Collaborator: Heather Gabel and
Score: Seth Sher and

Scent: LVNEA
Video premiered on Friday February 5, 2016 in tandem with a DIY Fashion show at Open House Contemporary Gallery in Chicago, IL. for more info on the event.