Thursday, December 18, 2014

Oh, Boy! | Gabe Niles

Photo © Moni Haworth

Name: Gabriel "Gabe" Niles
Age: 19, nearly twenty
Location: Los Angeles, Born and Raised. 
Day job (what pays the bills): Whatever pays the bills...anything that comes up (keeping my dignity intact). Most gigs do pay sometimes, that's always nice. 

Photo © Moni Haworth
 What was growing up like for you? 

Brief, I blinked and I'm here. But the whole time I was surrounded by music and I always surrounded myself with music. I started drumming at 18 months. 

 Who is Gabe Niles?

When I figure out a way to answer that you'll be the 2nd to know. 

Photo © Moni Haworth

Photo © Jo Kimberley

 Have you always been into music and when did you decide that was the direction you were going to go with life? 

Yes, always always. In every way, shape and form. Music is my one constant thing. My greatest love, my "Jesus Christ", my saviour. 

 How did Gateway Drugs come together? 

Gateway Drugs started with Noa (my brother) and Liv (my sister) and I sharing bedroom closet demo tapes with each other. Realising instantly, where our hearts and minds truly were we quit the band that we were all playing with at the time and grabbed Blues and Zak (both sworn blood brothers). It's a family affair. 

For those who haven't heard Gateway Drugs how would you describe the music?

To put it as simply as I can it sounds like Gateway Drugs. I know that's vague. I don't know though, its different for everyone. To me, its a living, breathing, ever growing archive of emotions/feelings that have been and continue to be, expressed through music. 

 Your sister Liv is also in the band and also another Niles - Noa. Is music in the genes? And whats it like sharing the stage with them? 

Yes, Liv and Noa. Our father is a musician. Its in the blood I guess. Writing and creating with them is complete musical understanding. Its almost a telepathic experience. Live, it is a completely different entity, a form of musical meditation. In those moments, we are breathing and creating as one. One big fucking machine. 

Photo Christopher Thorn

If you couldn't be involved in music what would you be doing? 

I'd become a professional George W Bush impersonator and get sponsored by Cheesecake Factory, eat and drink myself into a heart attack and of course be buried in a KISS coffin (only the best of course). 

You've also done a little modelling work before with the likes of Abbey Lee Kershaw and Riley Keough. What was that like? And is that something you'd like to try more of? 

Modelling is modelling. I'm not opposed to it at all. But I will only sell myself to the highest creative bidder. Meaning, someone who has an authentic expressive vision driven by something bigger than themselves. 

Photo © Moni Haworth

You've been featured many times on Johnny's Bird photographed by the amazing Moni Haworth. What is your relationship with her like now that you've become a regular in front of the lens? And how do you decide what you want to share with her and essentially the Internet world? 

Moni has a way of taking you out of your own mind while she shoots. You forget about your personal insecurities and your view of yourself and you blindly give creative trust. It's like two friends talking, laughing, walking around the city. And that's exactly what it is. Two friends shooting, talking, venturing around Los Angeles and me stealing her cigarettes all along the way. I trust her to put up anything really. With Mono, I've never sacrificed my character or authenticity.

Both yourself and your sister have been blessed with some pretty sweet genes. What's it like dealing with an attractive sister and all the men and swoons that follow it? 

Oh Livvy. She's gorgeous and that being said, both, men and women, have boundary issues or just harass her. Live is very street smart though, well, most of the time. She knows how to handle herself in weird situations with strange men. Its impossible not to get involved. I cant deal with angry irrational baby boner driven men shouting shit at my sister.. or in general. It's fucked up. I don't care, I lose it and see red. I'm her brother first and best friend second. I love her with  anything and everything i have to offer. She's my big sister you know?

Photo © Moni Haworth

Photo © Moni Haworth

How would you describe your style? Do you have any personal style icons? 

I basically wear what I like. I'm not really into fashion, I respect it but its not my department. Good will is my department store. Also JuJu Sorelli - the evil Rock n Roll Hollywood cat. 
I love everything JuJu makes, to be honest. Check out the store. Basically its things I feel are an extension of me. But when getting dressed I kinda just throw things on. 

Let's talk about girls. Ladies man, fun loving bachelor or hopeless romantic?

Ask them. 

Photo © Moni Haworth

What captures your attention first when comes to the opposite sex? 

Eyes, voice, hands, mind. 

What can we expect from Gabe Niles in the next 12 months?

I know two things about 2015. 

1.  Our debut album comes out
2. We are touring a lot. In March we leave for a tour  of the US with Screwdriver. And more to be announced..

Photo © Moni Haworth