Sunday, November 9, 2014

Velvit Presents: Part I | The Yin Collection

Yin is a showcase of the dark feminine spirit, consisting of 17 artists and curated by Velvit. Approached in a manner that's not always correlated with traditional Chinese philosophy, Velvit have taken the cold, negative and passively sinister tendencies of Yin and transformed them into a beautifully haunting exhibition of fashion focused and built upon the colour black.  - Josh Walker, The Colourblind |

Part I | The Yin Collection features The Order, Ovate, Elle Heavin, Gray Matter, Maude Nibelungen, Hunter Gatherer Chicago, Raw Taste, North & Hudson, LaLaYeah, The Stowe, Nooid, Birds n Bones Jewellery, Sadie Clayton and more.