Thursday, June 19, 2014

Meadowlark x Andrew Mcleod

Darkly beautiful punk patches and a brazen yet brilliant borrowing of designs, imagery and thinking going back to ancient times are the threads artist Andrew McLeod and jewellers Greg Fromont and Claire Hammon tied together to create this heralded collaboration – a new collection of rings for Meadowlark. 

Each ring is a visual battleground of harmony and dissonance, seamed with a dark humour from within the shared deeply creative mindsets and aesthetics of the co-creators.

The base structure of these covetable pieces draws most strongly, and perhaps surprisingly, on American championship rings - brash, bold, showy - but strips them of flashy jewels and overt dramatics to create something truly unique that reaches across history, tracing a line back to the signet rings first used by ancient Egyptians, cameos from the Roman Republic and Victorian memento mori.

Layered with graphic meaning - figures, symbols, and patterns from McLeod’s own lexicon – they are a banquet for the hungry or jaded eye, rich in intricate imagery, some symbolic and some purely aesthetic. Created in sterling silver or 9ct gold - with a soft burnish or a tough-talking blackening – their blessing is equally possessive and persuasive.