Saturday, September 15, 2012

Oh Boy! | Lawson Rhys Taylor

Photo by Eva Salvi

Name: Lawson Rhys Taylor
Age: 21
Location: London (Till January)
Day job (what pays the bills): Full time model for Elite Model Management.

What was growing up like for you? 

I didn't have much of a regular life as a kid, had a pretty irregular family though haha, I left home and school at 13, lived in some shitty places, had a close friend get killed when I was 15, I organised a fund raising event to pay for her send off, it was a huge success and that got me into event organising. 2 years of constantly meeting international bands and amazing people I decided I was bored of travelling the UK, So I grabbed a backpack and left for Australia! Worked some jobs, met some amazing people, Launched a clothing brand called Strategy with the help from my two friends Josh 'Kid9' Thorsen & Jon Goss.

How did you get into modelling? 

Whilst working on my brand I had spoken to a lady named Kara Messina about an internship for her street wear brand, Y'OH! 5 days back in Australia after almost a month in Indonesia I was flying back to the UK to work for her! I needed a second job to pay the bills so I worked at Urban Outfitters on Oxford Street, one afternoon I was approached by a scout, that day I signed a contract, 3 days later I was modelling full time!

What was your friends reactions to you modelling? 

At first they thought it was a joke, as did I, then I got booked to do a commercial for Adidas and everyone was just stoked for me and now I get paid to travel the world so they are happy for me I guess haha!

When you are not modelling what are you doing?

I'm usually busy every day so when I'm not working I'm chilling with my girl, eating good and getting lifted haha

Photo by Eva Salvi

What's it like seeing yourself all over the Internet and girls gushing all over pictures?

Umm I don't really look too much, people link me to photos and some of the comments are creepy as hell haha, it's funny 

 Who is Lawson Rhys Taylor?

I am still figuring that one out.

What inspires you and who would you say your role models and/or heroes are?

Air, Trees, Water, Animals.

 Is there a difference between the public and private Lawson?

I don't really know haha, I guess my girl and my friends do.

Is there anything you would be prefer to be doing as a career instead of modelling?

I think this a great opportunity for me to see the world and make essential industry connections because when I'm ready I will be re-establishing my brand and with opening my own menswear store. 

What can we expect from you in the future?

Big things

Let's talk about girls. Ladies man, fun loving bachelor or hopeless romantic? 

I was going to say a gentleman never tells but my girl said I'm a bit of a romantic, ha

What do you look for in women and admire most? 

Natural beauty, inside and out.

Girls vs Women? 

Curvy ass women.

Photo by Eva Salvi
Do you have any advise for guys who want to get involved in the modelling industry?

Don't get sucked in, choose your agent wisely and watch your dough. 

Anything you'd like to say to your fans and the readers? 


Where can we lurk you online? 

Instagram - Lowlifer
Twitter - LawsonTaylor666