Saturday, June 16, 2012

One on One with artist Gareth Stehr

Have you always had an interest in art and design?

I always liked how things were put together whether it be a table or a font or a painting.   

Where do you draw the majority of your influences?

I draw my influences from life and death good and evil.

What are your favourite materials to work with?

I work on wood and mainly use enamels.

Is there any one thing or idea you really want to pursue artistically but haven’t yet?

I wanna do more sculpture.

Have you ever sold any of your work to anyone famous?

Neil Armstrong bought one and took it to the moon.

Who are your artistic heroes?


When you’re not making art what are you doing? 

Playing skateboards.

How would describe your artistic process?


Is there any one piece of yours that is your personal favourite?

My favorite is the Morrissey piece. 

How has art influenced your life?

I love it so much I wish it were dead.

What can we expect from you and your work in the future?

Evil, Colour, Magick, Sacrifice.