Monday, April 2, 2012

Who's that Girl? - Cristina (Gogo) Blackwater

Name: Cristina (Go Go) Blackwater
Age: //
Ethnicity: Rain Dog
Currently live: Italy
Day job (what pays the bills): modeling and my etsy store


 I love to use the word, book worming even though I know I made it up.. because I love to read books for hours at a time and  listening to really dreamy instrumental music (like, Hammock, Explosions in the sky, Red Sparrows, m83 etc) and to me it becomes like time traveling into other dimensions as I am completely absorbed by the stories I'm reading. I'm also a huge movie, anime, good TV shows - geek. Asian cinema, I actually have a movie blog I created because of my passion for it. I watch hundreds of South Korean movies, my favorite genre. And I'm a music chameleon, I go through really intense phases of being into a genre. And I love technology, especially hacking it. You name it. Most people who get to know me are actually surprised I'm not a fat kid living in my moms basement playing only WoW all day I'm such a nerd.


Gosh, I don't know.. To do everything, go everywhere. To make the most of it I guess.


I was single for many years by choice, and paraded my being a lone wolf left and right. but then someone amazing came along and I couldn't resist his amazingness. I am now happily taken. Still a loner though! I think that's in my DNA..


I studied 4 foreign languages in high school and graduated philosophy at University.

What was growing up like for you?

Man, that's a tough one. I never dwell on the past, I think it's a big limitation on the present and the future, which is the only thing that interests me. If I had to define it tho, I'd say I was the odd one out since the very beginning. When I was a teenager I was REALLY goth, too. I listened to a lot of black metal. Then a lot of darkwave. Batcave. It was really fun times, all that darkness and hating the world and reading only French poetry and pretending you were sooo much better than anyone else. Hilarious. Not to mention the outfits..

Do you see yourself as Model?

I'm not sure. I'd say yes, because modeling has been such a large part of my life for years now. It started on suicide girls in 2004 and I have travel the world through them. So yeah, a lot of my adulthood has been linked to modeling. I don't like saying "I'm a model" tho, it sounds so cheesy and snobbish.

What would you like to do it more in the future?

Be creative. I started painting, selling art from my favorite artists thru my etsy, making DIY shoes, I just love being involved in projects, it's extremely gratifying to see a finished product that you made with your hands.

What do you admire in other women?

Strenght, passion, confidence.
On another strictly physical note, HAIR. I'm a huuuuge hair porn enthusiast.

Who is Cristina Blackwater?

A rain dog. No other concept has ever described me as perfectly at that one. That's why I have it tattooed on my knuckles :)

Where to you draw inspirations from?

A bit of everywhere.. If that makes sense I like to make things "mine" when I like something. Everything around me inspires me: the music I listen to, the movies I watch, the people I love, the art that impresses me. It's really to narrow it down to a distinct list.

How would you describe your style?

I don't even know if I have a specific style! People always tell me I'm a chameleon, maybe they're right.

Are you a fashion brands girl or do you just wear what you like or whats comfortable?

 I love to have a few brand-pieces to wear when I feel fancy. On a regular basis tho, I just wear what's comfortable. You definitely don't need to wear just brands to be stylish! I like to mix new things with vintage pieces I find thrifting, mostly. Except for shoes. I wear boots 99% of the times and cheap boots are just terrible!

Who would you say is your style icon?

 Tom waits, Gypsies, Audrey Horne from twin peaks, and a bit of Nicole Richie, the photography style of David lynch and Chase Lisbon (they go hand in hand wouldn't you agree?).

What do you look for in the opposite sex?
And what are the number 1 deal breakers?

Physically I love: hair, a good beard, beautiful deep eyes. Deal breakers? Honesty. I fucking hate liars like the plague. Also social butterflies are not for me. I ADORE my privacy and I'm extremely protective of it.

What is it that you love most about being a woman?

Everything. We are the best what can I say.

When no one is around what is Cristina usually doing?

Cuddling with my dog Jezzy. She means the world to me.

Is there a public and private Cristina & what's your take on life and what advice would give any of your fans?

 I like to think that I'm the same publicly and in private. I always advertise I'm a loner and I don't fake otherwise. I am a super passionate nerd and i love to share my obsessions on the Internet. When fans sometimes write me that I come across as genuine, that's so damn amazing to me. My take on life is to make the best of it and keep it simple. Don't get involved in drama, I leave that to the ones who love being miserable.

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