Saturday, March 10, 2012

Featured Tattoo Artist | Azha Sanders

Photo by Amy Jo Wisehart

Name: Azha Sanders

Age: 23

Location: Jackson MS

What attracted you to tattooing?

I felt like tattooing was something I could love, honor, and cherish through sickness and health. Than turned out to be totally correct!

How did you get into the industry? 

I was very fortunate enough to serve an apprenticeship under someone I admire.

Was it hard to find an apprenticeship? 

Fortunately, it wasn't too hard. There was only one shop in town I wanted to learn in and I hung out there so much it eventually lead to me being there all of the time. 

How many years have you been tattooing? 

It was three years in January.

What inspires you?

 I pick apart anything I cross paths with as means for inspiration.

Who are some of your favourite tattoo artists? 

Oh jeez this would be such a long list...To sum it up I will say that my last tattoos were made by Marie Sena and Steve Byrne. My left sleeve was done by Annie Frenzel. All of these tattooers were very kind and a joy to receive work from.

How would you describe your tattoo style?

Traditionally influenced.

What have you learned in our years in the industry?

More than anythings else: Remain totally and completely open to learning more. 

 What advice do you have to people considering careers in tattooing?

Have some sort of other job first to develop some people skills and get an apprenticeship! It's difficult, but not impossible.

What are some of the best things you have experienced as a result of your career? 

The people I work with and that I've met through them. Being able to travel and meet other tattooers and get work done by people I admire. I'm able come to work everyday to paint and tattoo is a pretty great experience as well!


Where do you currently tattoo?

Twiztid Images in Richland Mississippi