Sunday, September 18, 2011

‘They Live By Night’ | A solo exhibition by Morgan Slade

September 17th- October 22, 2011
Artist reception: Saturday, September 17th, 7-10pm

Los Angeles, CA – LeBasse Projects :: Chinatown is proud to announce ‘They Live By Night,’ a solo exhibition from Los Angeles based artist, Morgan Slade.
Morgan Slade returns with a new body of work celebrating the influences of his youth. In Slade’s newest exhibition, ‘They Live By Night’ will be a diverse body of work from his traditional photo-collaged mixed media paintings to a series of silkscreens with unique hand embellishments. There will also be a collaboration series with Norman Wonderly, a respected photographer and former publisher of Alternative Press Magazine and current head of the art department of Warner Brother’s Records. Slade has chosen a photos taken by Wonderly from the early 80’s of heavy metal and rock icons and added his unique touch.

Inspired by the recent birth of his first child, Slade looks back into his own childhood and explores the influences that shaped his youth and how those influences still linger in his adult life. From cartoons, to advertisements, to music and products, Slade soon realized how popular culture was an integral part of his upbringing – Some could even suggest that pop culture has taken the role of a “second parent” by shaping ideals and values for young children. As a result, Slade sees that each generation develops its own shared cultural vocabulary and with this new language we find instant identity and community.

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