Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Outre Gallery Presents | TATTOO PARLOUR

Tattoo Parlour is a showcase of artworks made by artisans who also make tattoos.  These are tattoo artists in the broadest and best sense of the term.  From skin to canvas to laser cut dollar bills these are artists who are at once immersed in tattoo culture but also their own creative practice.
Forget clichés and parodies of tattoo imagery - here we delve a little deeper and explore artists who are influenced by different dimensions of what it means to be tattooed, make a tattoo and understand the language of tattoo discourse.  This is not a book of flash – but of creative visions that touch on tattoo symbolism, technique, history, themes and community.
Enter the Parlour and meet Angelique Houtkamp, Alex Binnie, Chris Conn Askew, Dr Lakra, Mike Giant, Thomas Hooper, Scott Campbell and Shawn Barber.  All photographed in their work spaces for an intimate glimpse at the details of their everyday life.

Three City Book Launch
Friday 11 November - Melbourne
Friday 18 November - Sydney
Friday 25 November - Perth