Saturday, March 5, 2011

Outlaw Fine Art Photography Exhibit | Featuring Saskia Hahn

 February 22, 2011, New York, NY- High end real estate and subversive art unite For one night only as Outlaw Art makes it's New York City “pop up” exhibits debut on March 18, 2011, featuring a global fusion of artists from Germany, Sweden &New Orleans. Inspired by the outlaw parties of the 80s and rave parties of the 90s, the Outlaw Gallery fuses high and lowart, culture and style perfectly juxtaposed with high-end real estate.

I'm super excited to see the art of one of my friends, Saskia Hahn being exhibited. German born Saskia Hahn is best known globally for her musical talents. As one of the founding members, Saskia formed the band Sweet Machine with her band mate Conner Rapp in 2005. In 2007 they were asked by Peaches to join her as her back up band for one show at the Berlin Festival. After a successful collaboration, Sweet Machine became her new full-time band touring around the world from 2008 to 2010. After being part of Peaches’ innovative Laser show, as well as her theater show entitled  “Peaches Does Herself “, Saskia decided to showcase her own artistic talents that had taken a back seat to her music career. 

Saskia Hahn

Saskia onstage with Peaches
As a self taught artist, her love for painting and art history started at a very young age and fully developed as another element of her career in 2010, when she decided to fully delve into the world of art by putting her ideas on canvas. Saskia’s art is a blend of Abstract Expressionism & PopArt utilizing acrylic paint on canvas & MDF. She creates unique digital cut outs that are a combination of her photography & painting. Saskia was driven to the world of art as an outlet to get her ideas out by creating works of art that draw the viewer in or make the viewer want to take a step back to get a better perspective.

Friday, March 18 2011 at 385 West 12 th street, Town house #1
New York. 5pm to 9pm