Thursday, March 23, 2017

Bestial Mouths // (STILL) HEARTLESS

Am I burning alive at the stake? Or am I dancing around some dark cauldron in the dusk of night? The audible banshee is unleashed on "Witchdance", the opening track on the new Bestial Mouth's remix album "(STILL) HEARTLESS. Darkness and thoughts of the macabre immediately swirl through the mind whilst the first track wake ups you up and leads you up the garden path through 11 tracks of darkwave electronic dance floor audible bliss. 

The new album features banging remixes of tracks from 2016's 'Heartless' by Zanias,  The Horrorist, Ludovico Technique, Die Krupps and more. The album also features two new original tracks from Bestial Mouths - High Walls & Witchdance.