Sunday, June 8, 2014

Dreaming in slow motion | An interview with Foie Gras

 Who is Foie Gras? And what is the origin for the name? 

I am sometimes. 

Foie Gras (pronounced Fwah Grah) literally translates to “fat liver” in french and is a french delicacy (usually Goose liver) obtained through brutal measures. A food considered so high class that is still widely consumed despite its notoriety from how it is obtained. 

 For those who are not familiar with your music how would you personally describe it? 

Slow motion emotional.  I just tell people I make folk music.

On your first full length digital release "Innermost Shrine, Heavily Gilded" there are a lot of ethereal and sombre musical interludes amidst the vocals. Do you write and play all the music as well as the sing and write the lyrics? 

I do! Except for the Brian Eno cover. 

 There is a very dark vibe about your music but at the same time there is this dim kind of light to it. There are certain pieces where I find myself trying to liken your work to another artists but I can't quite put my finger on, Zola Jesus has come to mind particularly in her earlier career. Who are your musical influences and how o you think they have shaped your musical creation and direction?

Thank you! Chubby Wolf (who was also part of the band Celer) is a big influence. Maybe the biggest. Her music was my introduction to drone and ambient scapes. Andrew Jackson Jihad was another huge influence. Some other influences I pull from are Brian Eno, Kate Bush, Mount Eerie, The Butthole Surfers, Chelsea Wolfe, Mother Disobedience, Grouper... it goes on. 

 You've had the opportunity to support some awesome acts like King Dude for example. What's your favourite highlight to date and who is your dream co-headline tour? 

I actually have yet to play a concert with King Dude but I’m always front and center when he comes to town. 
Favorite highlight is definitely my first real concert that I played with Emily Reo, Yohuna and R.L. Kelly
Oh man. There are so many people I’d want to co-headline with but King Dude would definitely be my top choice. Always. 

 Where do you draw your influences from and what themes if any do you think your music emanates? 

Emotion and confusion. Fetishism. Divine intervention. Being a girl. War. Art. Heartache. My dog. Ghosts. 
& Death. Lot’s of death. I’m greek. We’re a little bit obsessed with death.
As for themes? Loss.

You have an upcoming Californian tour starting June 19 with King Woman and Mother Room. What can fans expect?

Silliness. Maybe tears? We get to play with Planning for Burial in San Francisco and Los Angeles which is really rad. I don’t even know what to expect.

Are you working on any new material and what is coming up for Foie Gras?

Not really, I’m not focused.
In July I’ll be playing a couple shows in Europe and in August I get to play with two of my favorite musicians (Alex G and Elvis Depressedly) in San Francisco. Then we’ll see………...