Monday, November 4, 2013

Blogger (C)RUSH // An interview with DIRTY FLAWS

Wearing leather hat - ann demeulemeester | vintage monkey fur jacket

What is Dirty Flaws? 

dirtyflaws is best described as an open diary of the current fashion related contents in my brain. 

How would you describe your own personal style? 

Forever changing in cut, never colour. 

When did you start your blog Dirty Flaws and what was the reasoning behind it? 

dirtyflaws was born 6 years ago in Philadelphia pa while sitting in my living room with one eye on law and order svu and the other on a Gareth Pugh collection I stumbled across online. I caught the fashion flu and have been infected ever since. I was able to thank him in person a few years back - I'm not sure if the blog would have ever been created without coming across his early work. He lit the spark. 

What are some of your favourite pieces you cannot live without? 

My Rick Owens leather jacket ( its been through hell and back ), Marsell leather boots which I've worn almost everyday for the last two years and my jewelry. all of it. 

Where are your favourite places to shop and who are some of your favourite brands that you continue to revisit? 

I spend a lot of time in second hand shops ( I like things pre loved ) and eBay is one giant window shopping experience I cant seem to quit. I have also become a huge fan of BLKDNM so I've invested in some great staples from them, but I don't revisit any one specific brand religiously, 

Who are some of your style icons?

 Always been a big fan of Erin Wasson, far beyond her beauty and effortless style , I love her attitude.

ring - evidence jewelry | horn necklace - k/ller collection | feather earring - sara samoiloff

Where do you draw your influences and inspirations from?

 I draw a little bit of inspiration in the company I keep, the music I listen to, the books I read and my personal outdoor surroundings. I recently moved from the concrete jungle to the country mountains - open roads and land for miles - very inspiring and peaceful . 

Vintage, babes, leather, denim and hats are all frequent features on your blog. Your personal style on the site is very eclectic yet also very uniform. There's a strong sense of style, uniqueness and sleekness to your style and your content. What is it you love so much about fashion and aesthetics? And how do you decide what is worth of Dirty Flaws?

 It is definitely very uniform - I like my wrist heavy with silver and gold, my jeans ultra tight , leathers worn , boots high and all in the darkest shade of black. What i love about fashion is putting together an outfit and feeling like ' fuck this looks goooooooood' . I think that's important for everyone... looking good, feeling good you know? 

There is obviously a reoccurring theme which is pretty present on the site, but I honestly just put up what I like. There's no real method to the madness. Sometimes it's really cohesive, other times it's all over the place. It's a lot like everyday life haha

jacket - rick owens

rings by rock love jewelry 

What are some of the key things to remember when putting together winning 'outfits' or looks? 

This pretty much falls back on the what I love about fashion - its all about exterior effecting the interior. Basic jeans and a tshirt can be a winning outfit if you own it . 

As a style blogger you are quite respected by fashionaries and bloggers alike. Have you thought about doing work with specific sites and/or brands and has Dirty Flaws opened up new opportunities to you professionally?

 The blog has taken me on some wild rides and crazy adventures. I have been given the opportunity to meet/work with some of the immensely talented designers I have posted, which is always an unreal moment, and some of those people have turned into life long friends. There are a few things in the works now but nothing yet written in blood. 

custom vest by tamara santibanez

stone cold fox onyx gown and rick owens wedge sandals 

You had an awesome collaboration with Australian Jewellery brand D & Q came out last month. Can you tell us how that came about and is jewellery design an avenue you want to explore more? 

Thank you! I can only take credit for a small portion of the design as Jake is the full set of hands behind the label. We have known each other for around 2 years and a few months ago he approached me about a collaboration. I had never really thought about jewelry design but I'm glad I joined in on it. I love the line, it came out so raw and effortless. 

What are some of your favorite websites and blogs that you frequent?

 tumblr is always open on my computer. I started one ( ) to keep track of all things not relating to fashion ( more lifestyle, home decor , etc... ). That site can make your head explode - its like drowning in every avenue of inspiration. 

photo © godspeed 4506

What can we expect from you and Dirty Flaws in the next twelve months?

 Two nights ago we held the first ever curated event in Pittsburgh, PA at Artisan Gallery,  sponsored by friend and well known designer Zana Bayne. It was a huge success and such a rad experience! We are already in talks with another designer for an "exotic skins" takeover in January.