Thursday, August 1, 2013

'Crochet, fresh juice, & rock'n'roll.' // An Interview with Julie Edwards of DEAP VALLY


Deap Vally has been described "a scuzzy White Stripes-meets Led Zeppelin rock and roll duo" among many things how would you describe Deap Vally to the unsuspecting listener?

Highs and lows, loud and quiet, heavy heavy heavy, with lots of soul and plenty of defiance.


I read that you ladies met after Lindsey started taking a crochet class that Julie was teaching.How did Deap Vally evolve from there? and what the hell does "Deap Vally" mean, if it has any meaning?

Deap Vally is a geographical reference to the suburb of Los Angeles I grew up in-- the San Fernando Valley.  The San Fernando Valley is also the origin of the phenomenal archetype "The Valley Girl."  Then we decided to spell it weird for shizz and gigglez.

  When I first came across the band I thought damn, here are some bad ass chicks that love leather jackets and denim shirts as much as me and then I listened to the songs and was blown away by gritty sexy hard ass rock you girls pump out. What is the typical reaction from people after they see you play live?

I think people are invigorated and inspired, and hopefully they are reminded how visceral and energetic live rock and roll can be.

It's no secret you ladies are mega babes. The fact that you also rock is a lot of male rock n roller's wet dream. So how do you deal with boyfriends, partners and men on the road?

Awwww.  Well, I, Julie, just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary!  So I'm a Missus.  My hubby comes along whenever he can.  Right now we're about to play some shows with Queens of the Stoneage in Canada (!!!) and my husband is tour managing!  It's difficult how much we end up being apart-- definitely quite a challenge and not without its own emotional turmoil.  I'm like a soldier off to war.  As for Linds-- she has her share of road flirtations, but honestly we are so busy right now, she doesn't really have time nor is she ever in the same place long enough to invest in something new.  She seems to be having a good time, though.

I love the infusion of your sexuality with the music and of course your look. A lot of female bands either go the extreme or the anti-extreme and I think Deap Vally encompass being a woman and embracing it as well as showing that you can rock as hard as any of the guys. Why do you think its more 'taboo' to be sexy in rock?

I have no idea.  That people felt scandalized by the way we dress on stage and portray ourselves came as a complete shock to us.  I think we're melding a couple of different things we love: the sexual empowerment and pageantry of pop music (I was obsessed with Janet Jackson Rhythm Nation as a child, Lindsey has love for Gaga, and we both hold Beyonce on a pedestal) fused with the raw, unpredictable dark power of rock and blues (like Zeppelin or Sabbath or Screamin' Jay Hawkins.)


There is an almost electric energy between the two of you. It appears unshakable and some kind of secret women's pledge. How would you explain the dynamic?


What has changed since the beginnings in 2011 to now 2013?

More wrinkles!  Touring ravages your youth!!!  Don't do it!!!


You have currently been touring Australia. How have the shows fared out here?

We were just there playing Splendour in the Grass and a couple club shows in Sydney and Melbourne and we had the best time.   Australian audiences are just up for creating and maintaining the wickedest, sickest rock and roll vibes.  Cheers to them!
You ladies ooze a real eclectic 70s rock style vibe. Who are some of your style icons and where do you shop?

All of our stage clothing is made custom for us by Michelle Rose and Kittinhawk, with pieces thrown in by Bad Vibes.  We love to vintage shop- find one of a kind pieces with a mysterious history.

Who would you say are some of the bands biggest influences and musical heroes?

Sabbath, Zeppelin, Sun House, Screamin' Jay Hawkins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, early Hole, Tina Turner, Rage Against the Machine

Deap Vally musically take you to a place where your sexy, sweaty and having a bad ass time. Is this sentiment something that fuels and follows the band in tour? Sex, drugs & rock n roll?

It has.  We've had short bursts of hedonistic touring.  But mostly we take it pretty easy.  Touring is arduous enough without adding a hangover to the mix.   Mainly we do the rock'n'roll part, and we think that's plenty enough to make us bad ass.   I guess our version would more be 'Crochet, fresh juice, & rock'n'roll."

You've been fortunate to have played with numerous awesome acts like Eagles Of Death Metal and Muse. What has been the most stand out experience and who would you love to tour with?

Actually, surprisingly, watching Mumford & Sons night after night while on tour with them was one of the most inspiring experiences we've had on tour.    We also got to play a handful of shows opening for the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and that was a dream come true.  Karen O is a shaman of the first order, I have no doubt.  We're about to play some shows with QOTSA and that is going to be INSANE!

We'd love to tour with Rage Against the Machine or Savages-- both such good, important bands.

The first single "Lies" from the new album has been really well received and the band seem to be on the up and up from here. What can we expect from Deap Vally in the future?

We'll no doubt be coming to a town near you.  So come crowd surf with us!!!